Becoming a Friend of the Center

An alternative way of strengthening and becoming more deeply engaged in Zen practice and our supportive community is by becoming a Friend of the Center.  Friends are those who, due to distance or some other reason, do not participate in our activities yet wish to maintain an ongoing relationship with LZC. 

Because Louisville Zen Center operates as much as possible on the Buddhist virtue of dana (or giving), we rarely charge fees for our activities.  We want to remain accessible to all who wish to practice with us, regardless of their financial means.  Friends help these efforts by securing the Center’s ability to provide suitable surroundings, instruction, and support for the practice of Zen.  And since Louisville Zen Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, your giving is tax-deductible.  

It's easy to become a Friend of the Center.  Below are suggested giving levels that can be contributed through a one-time or recurring donation. When sending a check to the Center, please be sure we have your updated e-mail and mailing addresses.  

          Friend - $120 annually ($30 quarterly; $10 monthly)
          Good Friend - $240 annually ($60 quarterly; $20 monthly)
          Noble Friend - $360 annually ($90 quarterly; $30 monthly) 

You may also contribute by PayPal using the button shown here.  Feel free to use the Paypal account you already have, but it isn’t necessary.  Nor do you have to create an account.  Just follow the prompts to donate by debit or credit card.  To avoid any confusion, indicate the purpose of  the contribution in the Instructions for Zen Center section (example: "Noble Friend donation").

We deeply appreciate the mutually supportive relationship we have with our Friends.  To encourage you on your personal path and to keep you informed of our activities, Friends:

  • Are added to Louisville Zen Center’s mailing list.   
  • May receive a complimentary subscription to Zen Bow, a quarterly journal published by the Rochester Zen Center.

Thank you, Friends, for your generosity – we couldn’t exist without your support!