June 7th schedule:
6:00 pm - arrival & informal sitting
6:30 pm - zazen & kinhin
7:05 pm - Dharma talk
8:00 pm - tea and chat with Eryl

Virtual Guest Teacher, Eryl Kubicka, Sunday, June 7

Eryl Kubicka (pictured, left) was born in England in 1941 during the Second World War. The experience of growing up in the precarious and unpredictable environment of a country at war influenced a later search that led to Zen Buddhism.

Eryl graduated as a physical therapist in1963. In 1969 she joined the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) in Vietnam as a physical therapist and practicing Buddhist serving in a rehabilitation center for war-injured civilians in the war-torn province of Quang Ngai. There she met Louis (now Venerable Wayman Kubicka;  pictured, right). The couple married in 1970, and spent eight more years involved with the AFSC in post-war reconstruction projects.

In 1980 Eryl and Wayman attended their first Rochester Zen Center introductory workshop in Madison, Wisconsin, and joined the affiliate there soon after. Like many sangha members with young children, finding time to attend seven-day sesshins in Rochester was difficult, but made easier because both were practicing and could alternate a couple of times a year. They practiced with the Madison Zen Center for twenty years, serving as the group leaders from 1991 to 2000.

In 2001, the couple moved to Batavia, New York, to help build and run Rochester Zen Center’s country retreat center. Currently, Eryl and Wayman are senior instructors at Rochester Zen Center.  In addition, Eryl coordinates RZC’s youth program and Wayman is in charge of training at Chapin Mill Retreat Center.


May 3rd schedule:
6:00 pm - arrival & informal sitting
6:30 pm - zazen & kinhin
7:05 pm - Dharma talk
(chants are here)
8:00 pm - tea and chat with John

​Virtual Guest Teacher, John Pulleyn, Sunday, May 3

John Pulleyn was Louisville Zen Center's in-person guest teacher in 2017.  On May 3rd he'll sit virtually with us and offer a Dharma talk.

John has been practicing Zen for over 50 years, working with the late Roshi Philip Kapleau, founder of the Rochester (NY) Zen Center and author of Three Pillars of Zen, as well as Kapleau’s successor, the current Abbot, Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede.

After graduating from Oberlin College in 1968, John joined Rochester Zen Center’s staff.  He later worked for many years both as a paint and wallpaper contractor and as a software developer.  John became a pediatric nurse at the age of 50, with a nursing degree from SUNY Brockport.  He worked for 10 years on the adolescent unit of Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY.

John is a teacher at the Rochester Zen Center and for 15 years was Head of Zen Training and Assistant to the Abbot.  He regularly leads sesshin (intensive meditation retreats) in New York and Wisconsin. 

John Pulleyn lives in Pittsford, NY with his wife of 47 years. They have a daughter and two grandchildren who live nearby and a son who passed away in 2012.​​​​​​​