Meditation Retreats and Other Extended Sittings  Now Virtual!

Louisville Zen Center offers Zen meditation retreats and other extended sittings of various lengths conducted in silence with eyes lowered as aids to concentration. Sangha may also participate in sesshin (residential Zen meditation retreats) and other intensive meditation events led by Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede and/or his senior students at Rochester Zen Center.

Retreat is a cooperative endeavor by a number of people working shoulder-to-shoulder for prolonged periods.  With this sustained effort and support, retreats can heal, strengthen, and unify the mind, body, and emotions to a much greater degree than daily individual or group sitting. Those who have completed the Introduction to Zen Meditation or equivalent are welcome to attend. Participants are simply asked to follow LZC forms and customs and Heart of Perfect Wisdom Zendo (HPWZ) guidelinesIf the retreat is virtual, click here for information about preparing for a virtual Louisville ZC sit.

​Louisville Zen Center operates as much as possible on dana (or giving).  Your generosity makes events like these possible  Limited scholarships are available for fee-based retreats.

Rochester Zen Center 5-day Sesshin led by Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede, October 2-7 (Deadline: Sep. 28)

Sesshins (Zen meditation retreats held in silence and seclusion), are offered about once a month at Rochester Zen Center, and vary in length from two to seven days. About ten hours of formal zazen is done each day, and more hours of informal zazen are encouraged. Dokusan is offered three times a day. As sesshins are rigorous, demanding a great deal of the sitter, it is advisable to be sitting regularly at home (and with a group if possible) before applying. 

Part-time sesshin attendance is possible.  Those wishing to be eligible for dokusan must attend at least two of the four blocks of sitting, including one in which dokusan is offered.  Click here for the schedule and other information. Here is how to set up for an online sesshin.  Click here to apply.  Fees: RZC leaves it up to each participant to contribute whatever they can afford. 

Rochester Zen Center Online Extended Sitting, TBA, 6:15 am - 3:30 pm

Louisville Zen Center's mother temple, Rochester Zen Center (RZC), will be hosting an extended sitting via Zoom.  There will be a Dharma talk or teisho plus two opportunities for private instruction with an RZC senior student.  Louisville Zen Center (LZC) sangha and others are invited to attend.  Contact Trueman at RZC or Jeanette at LZC for Zoom access information. 

There is no fee for extended sittings, but please consider RZC has lost their in-person retreats revenue, and have expanded their on-line offerings.  Giving to RZC would be most gratefully appreciated, but isn't required to participate. 

Here's the extended sitting schedule:

6:15 am - Zazen
7:30 am - Breakfast     
8:30 am - Zazen & teisho/Dharma talk
~10:15 am - Mid-morning break     
11:00 am - Zazen & Private Instruction
12:50 pm - Lunch     
1:30 pm - Zazen & Private Instruction
3:30 pm - end with the Four Vows