Group Practice - Heart of Perfect Wisdom Zendo (HPWZ) - Tuesday and Thursday evenings 

Sittings occur daily at HPWZ in the Audubon neighborhood minutes from University of Louisville. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, sangha may join, too. Those who have completed the Introduction to Zen Meditation  or equivalent are welcome. 

​Bring your own meditation equipment if you wish, but traditional zazen equipment – round cushions (zafus) and mats (zabutons) - as well as support cushions, kneeling benches, and chairs are available.

There is no charge for participating.  Louisville Zen Center operates as much as possible on dana (or giving).  We suggest non-members give $5 but any contribution, large or small, will be much appreciated.  No one is EVER turned away for lack of payment. To make an ongoing commitment while supporting the mission of the Center, please consider membership.

HPWZ is a private, occupied home in a residential area.  Out of consideration for our residents and neighbors, please follow these guidelines in addition to the usual forms and customsContact the Center for directions.  

Group practice usually follows the schedule below except on:  COVID-19 Closure.  Click here for details.

5:30 pm – Instruction Period (optional): Informal Sitting and/or Advising

Arrival time.  The zendo will be open to "study the self" through informal sitting.  During informal sitting you may experiment  with different zazen postures and cushions or simply settle into meditation before formal sitting begins.  Also, one-to-one advising is offered by appointment during this time.

6:30 pm – Formal Sitting

Tuesdays: three 25-minute rounds of zazen with kinhin; Thursdays: two and a half 30-minute rounds of zazen with kinhin.

8:00 - 8:20 pm – Tea (optional)

When group practice ends, all are invited to tea. Because sittings are done in silence with the eyes lowered, tea time is a chance to ask questions, socialize, and participate in informal discussions.
​  Our aim is to exit the building by 8:30​.​