​Louisville Zen Center offers in-person and online beginning and continuing meditation instruction, Zen meditation sessions, and meditation retreats, as well as work practice opportunities and other activities and events to support our members and the wider community. Newcomers, beginners, and experienced meditators are warmly welcomed to participate. Here is information about where our activities occur:

​​In-person at Infinite Bliss Yoga (IBY)

  • The address is 1507 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40205. 
  • Arrive early enough to park and set up your zendo seat. Doors opens at 6:15 and will be locked once sitting begins. 
  • There is a paved lot directly behind IBY accessible from the alley. You may park in either half of the lot. Also there's usually free Sunday parking on Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road.
  • Yoga props (blankets, mats, blocks, bolsters, and chairs) are provided, but feel free to bring your own zazen equipment.
  • IBY is a fully-functioning yoga center. Out of respect for their community and practice schedule, please refrain from dropping by outside of Louisville Zen Center sittings.

​​In-person at Heart of Perfect Wisdom Zendo (HPWZ)

  • Here is practical info (parking, what to wear, etc.) for practicing at HPWZ. The zendo opens 15 minutes beforehand.
  • Traditional zazen equipment (zafus, zabutons, support cushions, meditation benches, and chairs) is provided, but feel free to bring your own.
  • HPWZ is a residential place of practice with a full daily schedule of zazen, work (samu), ceremonies, plus monthly  retreats. Out of respect for the training schedule and our neighbors, please neither drop by outside of Louisville Zen Center sittings nor share the address with others.

Online on Zoom

  • Join our Zoom meetings here or enter Meeting ID: 820 029 536 and Passcode: Louisville

  • Upon entering the online zendo, microphones will be muted. Please remain muted during the sitting, but do turn up your volume to clearly hear bells and announcements.  

  • For sittings, arrange your seat in a quiet place preferably facing the wall or other blank surface. Sit side-on (not facing) your camera.

  • Consider where to do walking meditation. If there’s little space then pace back and forth in a line a hallway or walk slowly around your seat.

  • Position your camera so we can see you sitting and, if possible, walking with us.

  • Setting up an altar with an inspiring figure or picture is nice, but not required. Light incense, if desired. 


There is no fee for participating. Louisville Zen Center operates as much as possible on dana (or giving).  We suggest non-members give about $5 - $10 when attending but any contribution, large or small, will be much appreciated.  No one is EVER turned away for lack of payment. To make an ongoing commitment while supporting the mission of the Center, please consider membership.